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Origin: Latin. Other Origin(s): Spanish, Italian. Meaning: beautiful. Bella is a feminine name of Latin, Spanish, and Italian origin. 

Translating to “beautiful,” this name is a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of every woman who has inspired our product range. Our range consists of 13 products - developed in a laboratory, with everything you need - based on natural ingredients and a no-fuss easy beauty regime for women of all ages!

Our logo - Blooming Magnolias

Magnolia flowers are known to symbolise different things based on their colour. White magnolia flowers represent purity and perfection, while pink represents youth, innocence, and joy. Purple magnolia flowers are associated with good luck and health, and green ones are said to bring joy, health, luck, and good fortune.

In terms of scent, magnolia notes are sweet and floral, similar to rose, but with a lemony hint and a slightly earthy, musky undertone. Sometimes, you may detect hints of anise, liquorice, or vanilla.

If you feel calm and refreshed after using Bella, it's not surprising! The magnolia flower is known to have a calming effect on the brain due to its linalool alcohol content. This natural compound is commonly used in aromatherapy and is traditionally used as a sedative. When used in candles or reed diffusers, magnolia scents can create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere, helping to relieve anxiety and reduce stress. Depending on the scent pairings, such as lavender or citrus, it can either help you sleep or give you a boost of energy.

It's no wonder that Bella owner Louise Joubert loves it!